Why CLEAN N ROLL is the most efficient tool for your paint roller nap clean up.

Can you imagine trying to use a broom to sweep your carpets? That would not only be very inefficient – it would also be so frustrating that you’d just give up! We all know that using the most efficient tool for any task makes completing that task much easier! The CLEAN N ROLL is a very efficient, easy to use and effective tool that will clean and dry your paint roller naps in less than a minute. Your roller naps will be ready for immediate reuse with another color or your next painting project. Reusing your paint roller naps not only saves you money, but also lessens landfill waste. Think of all the paint roller naps being used by painting professionals and homeowners every year. Those add up to a lot of unnecessary landfill waste! Even a bargain priced roller nap can be used more than once! Some tools save you time. Some tools are very efficient. But, how many tools do you own that actually save you time, money AND pay for themselves over time? Go GREEN and Save GREEN with the CLEAN N ROLL!

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